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Does Working Hard Make Sense?

There is a very wide misconception out there that if you join a particular company or business opportunity, you are guaranteed financial glory and a life of luxury.

Their compensation plan is awesome, their training is top notch and their products “actually do what it’s meant to so you gotta buy it!” Yeah, I’m sure we’ve all heard that before… So do I, last weekend I check all them out and learn that I should have an MBA degree, I check all about  MBA, Online MBA, and MBA with no GMAT, I was overwhelmed but hear me out.

I’m sure some of you who are reading this have gone to the company event training and listened to the successful people on stage saying why their company is the best in the industry. They go on about how easy it was to get to where they are because they “worked hard”, were “consistent” and “did everything their lineup told them to do”…

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