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How the Smartphone has Changed Recruitment

Did you ever wonder why it’s so hard for many people to put down that phone? Well, our brains are affected by hidden psychological effects. Studies have shown time and again that smartphone users often develop serious problems like losing the ability to focus and real addiction. Just listen to Jeff Butler at a TEDxHilliard meeting talking about the way smartphones change the way you think:

Let me tell you what recently happened. It was raining so I decided to take my son to watch a movie. So we did a search online for our local cinemas, viewed the listings, checked the reviews and BBFC rating (for child-friendly suitability), booked the tickets and checked Google Maps for the best place to park to avoid getting too wet

Hang on, did I mention I hadn’t yet sat up in bed? Not a desktop or laptop in sight, I did it all on my phone (I also later used my phone to check-in on Foursquare just to maximize the pain and embarrassment of watching Mr. Popper’s Penguins).

My point: the smartphone has seriously changed my behavior (and yes both my online and offline behavior – I do many things differently in the ‘real’ world now due to my mobile access).

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Preparing for the Job Interview

Researching any prospective employer serves two purposes. First, it allows you to evaluate whether or not you want to work there. A potential employer often sounds promising but after researching them you might find out that it is not a good fit with your interests and professional goals. Research thus prevents you from making a mistake. Not all job offers are worth the trouble, but it’s up to you to go to the trouble of finding out if it is. When preparing for the job interview, see also this short Kaye/Bassman International Search Process video that will help to make sure your interview will be effective. It may all sound a bit “bossy” but it has some good elements:

Secondly, if you research a company well, it may help you to impress your interviewer. The job interview is your perfect chance for selling yourself and knowing a lot about your prospective employer shows that you’re really interested in the job and that you’re really motivated to get the position. You need to portray politely and positively that you are knowledgeable about the organization and do have something to offer it.

Your CV/resume may already have shown some good examples of your team player skills, but now you’ll have to convince them as well that you’ll fit their team. Research enables you to form a picture of what their “team” looks like. Solid research enables you to say at the end of the interview confidently: “I’m absolutely interested in getting this position. What would be the next step?”

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Goal Setting for Physicians

Most physicians I know see themselves as natural goal setters. And indeed we are, but good goal setters of a particular type – the long-distance goal. We’re expert at the four-year plans well represented by the college to medical school to residency path. We’re about as hot as the rest of humanity at the shorter term aspirations, which is to say not very hot at all. So read on to learn more about goal setting for physicians.

Because for all the hype, the slick little acronyms, the diaries, daybooks and planners, goal setting and goal achieving are a cross country drive apart – you’ll not make it in a couple of days and you’ll have blown tires or detours somewhere along the way, usually just when you thought things were going swimmingly.

There are all sorts of mnemonics out there to help you achieve your goals. Be SURE for specific, understand what’s involved, realistic, and being enthusiastic. Not for you? How about SMART for specific, measurable, attainable[also action-oriented or achievable], realistic and tangible?

Somehow these don’t cut it if you’re after bigger fish than a better exercise schedule. So, I, humbly, offer the following observations formed from my own school of hard knocks.

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Millennial Job Interview – How to Hire The Best Talent

Millennials are joining a job market and employers are looking forward to hiring new talent. It’s key for millennials to understand what’s expected of them so this article is about the Millennial Job Interview-How to hire the best talent.

Employers want to benefit from the fact that this is the first generation that is a digitally-native. Millennials get the vast majority of their information and news from the Internet. So, here we list a few important features that will help both employees and millennials looking for work to meet each other. So the Millennial Job Interview plays an important role.

Tips for Millenials Preparing for the Job Interview

Crucial to job interview success is scrupulous attention to your preparatory homework. You really should not ignore this part. Think about it.

Interviewing for a new career opportunity in middle age, especially if considering a career tangent, can be a little daunting. Here are some tips for success. Today’s focus is on pre-interview preparation. Review of posts of the past 10 days or so will provide more background information on some of the issues mentioned here.

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Life Coaching: Your New Career?

Ever since I was a teenager my friends and family came to me to vent their problems. I never knew exactly why they were drawn to me; I didn’t have particularly good advice to give or much life experience.

Then I realized that all I was doing was listening to them. That’s all they really needed at the time, someone to air out their frustrations to.

Later on, I found out that some people actually do that as a career. Sure, there are psychiatrists available to consult, but what about for simpler things like getting your stuff organized or deciding about dropping high school and taking GED classes instead? Actually, I got a lot of GED questions. I even start working for online GED practice at Best GED Classes.

Those aren’t exactly things you’d bring to your therapists, but they are problems you can bring up with a life coach.

A life coach is a friend, personal trainer, cheerleader, shoulder to lean on, business adviser, and favorite aunt all rolled into one. They can be someone you go to because you don’t know what your next step should be. Continue reading

What’s wrong with Resumes

Resumes can place emphasis on the wrong data for screening. As such, candidate pools get reduced using inappropriate, yet conveniently available data. This makes for an easy query, but not necessarily an effective approach to finding the best candidates.

Resumes have made life difficult: Two Examples: Company A. This company had historically received 500 unsolicited resumes through the mail each year. After putting an “e-mail your resume here” button on their website, they received about 5,000 unsolicited resumes the next year. No changes were made in recruitment advertising.

The unintended consequences of this were resume spam, increased candidate expectations for communication, data storage, and retrieval challenges, and having to create a labor-intensive, manual process to sift through mass numbers of resumes. Company B: This company’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) database averages 1,200 resumes per opening/hire.

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Writing Career: An Interview with Writer Tara M. Clapper

Like many writers, Tara began her online writing career unexpectedly–by being laid off from a self-publishing company, where she was a manager of a self-publishing pilot program. To earn extra money, she began writing online for

“I temped and worked as a Starbucks barista for a few years while writing on the side for AC,” she explains.

She published her first piece, Ireland as a Commodity in Irish-American Culture, in December 2006, going on to publish nearly 260 articles to become one of the top producers on

A short while later she secured another job in the publishing industry as a production editor for an academic publisher, sticking with Associated Content and other venues for part-time work. She also became the marketing director for Seventh Kingdom IGE, securing the interest of an internationally-famous entertainment company in less than a year.

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Writing an Effective Resume to Create a Positive Impression

Your resume is the first step that speaks about you and your ability. It contains all the basic information and helps the interviewer to have a certain impression about you even before the interview.

A perfect resume can help in getting a job or get admitted in a renowned college. It gives you the opportunity to speak for yourself.

Your resume contains the outline of your experience, skills, and achievements which helps in framing certain perceptions in the mind of the interviewer so it is necessary to give the appropriate information in a suitable format.

Resumes are written differently depending on the purpose. Generally, resumes are a single page as too much of information is often ignored.

Steps for writing a successful resume

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Recruiting Agencies – How do they Work? founder Jeff Taylor was recently quoted: “Pumping your resume full of keywords is a little dishonest.” Another pioneer in online screening mentioned that a class action discrimination suit was filed against resume screening for not searching on alternative words that may be used to describe the same experience.

Have we ever considered that how paper resumes or job applications are sorted may cause adverse impact?

The Contrast

The resume paradigm assumes the candidate presented his/her information in a manner that was usable/valuable to the company.

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From India to Brazil, a world of ways to get in shape

To perform in business (or for that matter, in ANY job) you need to get or stay in shape, both physically and mentally, Instead of the same old stuff, I thought I’d infuse some international culture into the fitness education/product grab bag:

Sarina Jain says she introduced Indian dance to the U.S. fitness industry and proudly recounts how she is, or has been, called the “Indian Jane Fonda.” Her new video, “Masala Bhangra Workout, Vol. 4” ($19.95) is, like Fonda’s early workout tapes, mostly a straightforward exercise.

The strengthening and stretching workout, however, is sandwiched between a warm-up and cool-down that highlights Indian folk dance movements.

Bhangra is the most popular of the community dances from the villages of Punjab, India, and is linked to the importance of the wheat harvest. With that in mind, Jain’s video workout is accompanied by a traditional drumbeat.

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