Hiring again? Contacting Assessment-Central recruiting software before you advertise the position. When applications start flooding in, you should have an applicant assessment and applicant grading/ranking process in place. It doesn’t make sense to read every resume or application received, especially if they are not all qualified applicants.

Our clients agree that our solutions save not only time and budget but also attract more customers. Chris  from BestGEDclasses Prep says “Thanks to Assessment-Central we were able to attract much more millennials to take our prep tests and use our website for their exam preparation.” 

Assessment-Central recruiting software ranks all responding applicants according to specific criteria such as professional designation, industry experience, ability to travel, and understanding of key technology, methods or processes. You determine the ranking criteria on a per job basis, then Assessment-Central will present you with the top 10% of all graded applicants.

All of this occurs automatically before you read a single application or resume.

Services offered

  • Created sourcing strategies based on their budget and the type of candidate were are seeking. 
  • Help promote a positive brand image for the company.
  • Performed targeted candidate sourcing utilizing our tools and resources, as well as paid sites

Benefits of Software:

  • Automatically ranks all job applicants.
  • Read only the resumes of qualified applicants.
  • Reduce time to hire and cost per hire.
  • Recruit quicker and more efficiently

Insert Notes into candidate records

Complete note taking capability to remind you of specific details, issues or problems regarding individual candidates. All notes are printable and searchable.


  • Contact Management
  • Build Relationships and Make Placements

Complete Candidate Information

Candidates that apply through your career center, our job network, your job postings or from any other source are automatically imported to Assessment-Central. Receive full contact information, up to date resumes, and job specific screening results. All candidates are ranked automatically for the job they applied for but are fully available for any other job requisitions.

Search for Candidates by resume keywords, name or other criteria

Powerful resume keyword and candidate information searching makes it easy to build a list of candidates based on your specific needs.

Schedule Phone Calls, meetings, interviews and more

Schedule all activities through Assessment-Central and you’ll never miss another phone call, meeting or event. You may include internal and external people in your schedule.

E-mail a Candidate or group of candidates

Communicate with any number of candidates with our mass mailing features. This is a great tool for inviting large amounts of candidates to apply for a specific job through your Assessment Center.

View & Edit Resumes

View, edit, and print resumes. You may choose not to display contact information if you’re sending a resume to a client.

Log Send Outs and placements

Log all send outs and placements to ensure that these important activities are kept track of.


1. No manual data entry.

2. Powerful searching to find the right candidates.

3. Manage your day with our powerful scheduler.

4. View and Send Resumes.

5. Track all activities.

What our clients say

We were looking to attract millennials to use our website in their career planning. Not the easy task. Yet,  guys from Assessment-Central took the time to understand what we do, and what we are looking for so we were able to get the right target group so now we can help candidates find the right fit.

I love their business model – it has a lot of integrity and brings great value from both a cost and quality candidate perspective. Chris J.