Our Digital Lives

I’m constantly surprised when my luddite friends and family exhibit techie knowledge or show up with techie gadgets.

The other evening, while at a get-together supper in a restaurant, one of them pulled out, albeit last year’s iPod touch, bought on sale now that the new iPod has been announced. She said she was looking for free Wi-Fi. I didn’t even know she knew what Wi-Fi was. My luddite husband didn’t know what Wi-Fi was until this summer, when we went looking for it while holiday, in the car with my MacBook open on my lap.

My friend said she bought the iPod touch for use next spring when they go to Chile. Not just for playing music but for quick access to the web for email, directions to hotels, restaurants, shopping, places of interest and for other touristy advice.

I’m now forcing myself to reuse my well-worn, well-loved copy of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. But, what if I can’t find the word I don’t know how to spell in the dictionary. Is it ok to see if the spell checker can figure it out….

How to get courage to writing it all down

Every night I sit down at my computer and think of the great humor I read on other blogs and the funny posts that I can relate to. I then look at the blank screen and want to write about those things but I just can’t seem to get my fingers to follow suit (most of the time).

Not that I think there’s anything wrong with writing funny life stories or scenarios that moms can relate to regarding our kids (I have those and write about them sometimes) but I just don’t gravitate towards those things when I sit down to write.

What do I want to write about every night? About how women generally are more afraid to ask for a raise than men. About how we have to create entirely new professional schedules and scenarios just to be able to be mothers and professionals at the same time. I want to write about how unfair it is that there are no “daddy wars.” That men have the freedom to go to work every day without thinking about whether they should be working part-time or staying home with the children.

But that’s not all. I also want to talk about the power we have as women and how important it is to recognize it and harness it. About how embracing your femininity and female qualities doesn’t make you less qualified or less likely to succeed in the workforce. I’d love to write about the strength and sacrifice it takes to give it all up and devote your life to your children (which frankly I have not done myself).

Those are the things I wish I could write about. But I’m too scared to be judged and misunderstood. So I just skirt around the issues and write about little thoughts here and there.

Maybe later, maybe sometime when I feel more free.