How Recruiting Software Evaluates Job Candidates

Although Jane thinks this is science fiction, software exists to perform all of these tasks. And employers are beginning to use it. You tell Jane this, and briefly describe several examples that you have read about. Resume evaluation.

Many in the federal HR community are familiar with Resumix, originally as a standalone product and in recent years as part of Hiring Gateway. Resumix uses a database of skill descriptions to match the skills in a job announcement with the same skills in an applicant’s resume.

Most users are aware that selecting the right words is the key strategy for both the employer and applicant alike. Some employers worry that applicants can “fake” higher qualifications by clever use of keywords.

Others coach some or all applicants in how to use keywords to best effect. Many remain unsure if the faking, the coaching or even the resume evaluation is effective. Essay scoring. Essay scoring by computer has a long history.

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Resume Volume: Can You Handle It?

Lately, I have been meeting corporate recruiters whose sourcing strategy has been shaped by negative conditioning. Sheer volumes of responses have conditioned them to avoid exposure for their job positions.

These recruiters have retreated from the major national-brand job board, and are beginning to shrink back even from posting to the corporate website. But is narrowing candidate sourcing venues the right response?

Does that best serve the recruiters’ goals? What forces have converged to create the sheer volume of resumes?

The demographics of the current and future workforce, use of the Internet, unemployment, and turnover rates have all contributed to the ease of, and the motivation for, jobseekers to apply online.

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