The Power of Social Networking for Business

Often in business meetings I’m being asked why social networking websites have rapidly increased in popularity and how social networking can help businesses. Here are a few reasons:

Social networking websites are, for the most part, easy to use and they also make it easier to meet new people online although the majority are free to use, many websites require that you register with them. This registration will not only allow you to create your own profile or a link to your website, but it will also allow you to contact other networking members.

Before you start communicating you need to develop your online profile or profile page.  One of the most important things to include in your online website is your picture and your name. Most of the social networks are well optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing, therefore it’s useful to add your full name.

If you are planning on joining a social networking website to gain access to potential new customers, be careful when making your online profile. One thing that members of social networks hate is being solicited for business. Instead of creating a page for your business, make one for yourself and include information on your business.

By joining a social networking website you can generate interest in your business including the products or services that you sell. Interest generated can turn into leads and sales.

I encourage you to check out one of these social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn or Google PLUS.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or Social Media Optimization plays important role in marketing communication. Social media websites are a great way to get your ideas and products in front of a lot of potential customers. Actively interacting with the network will generate interest in your business, including the products or services that you sell. Interest generated can turn into leads and sales.

Having a social media strategy will assure that your efforts are effective and chances to convert prospects into loyal customers are higher. W3whizz’s team of experts will work closely with you to deliver optimal strategy and will help with its implementation.

Our team will help you to create an effective social media presence.Our outsourced marketing agency offers creative solutions that help your team to reach the business goals. We support you with the website development, internet marketing, graphic design and social media marketing.

We will work with your company as your marketing department, so you can focus on your core business.  As a result of our work, your company will increase visibility and receive more sales leads for a fraction of the price when compared to an in-house marketing department.

Our experienced staff applies the most effective marketing techniques and proven solutions in order to support your sales and contribute to your business growth.

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