Perfectly balanced as all things should be – Telecommuting can help

Telecommuting is a more common career choice in today’s computer- and Internet-driven world. It allows people who may geographically be located hundreds of miles apart to work side-by-side, so to speak. It provides cost reductions for both the employer and the employee while providing an effective and efficient work environment. So perfectly balanced as all things should be, telecommuting can help balance your life.

While some telecommuting jobs require set hours so that you can be available to communicate with others, many positions allow flexible work hours. This lets you schedule your day in a way that fits your lifestyle. Night owls can work late, once the kids are asleep. Others may choose to work while the kids are at school and keep their evenings free.

The loss of a daily commute is a real time saver. In congested city traffic, it can also be a great stress-reducer. The time spent getting dressed and ready to go to the office and the drive time to and from work can be used in ways that add balance to your life.

You might choose to have a relaxed breakfast or dinner with the kids, take up an exercise class or go to the park in the afternoons. You could choose to put the saved time into doing extra work if you are trying to advance or earn a little extra.

Though you still have a job to do, you will more of a sense of being a stay-at-home mom who is there when the kids need her. That doesn’t mean you have to bake cookies in the afternoon, but a telecommuting job may give you the balance in your life to do just that if you choose. So if you’re currently unemployed, read this post how this situation might actually benefit you as well.

In most situations, the majority of us, and especially only single moms, have to work to support our families. This can create conflicts regarding self-esteem, parenting skills, your ability to lead a fulfilling life by performing work you value. You might even sign up for an online college course and earn a degree from an online college or university. Not having to commute may save you so much time that you may now dedicate to your further education. All these things can be put into perspective and managed with a telecommuting job.

You can find work that allows you to feel like a contributing member of society and earn a respectable income. You can still be the mother you always wanted to be, there for your children whenever they call your name. You can still carve out time for yourself during the day or week. When you apply for a job, be sure your resume is in perfect order though.

When you find that balance, there is a peace that is hard to come by with most jobs. It may take time to find the right employer, the right position and the right set up, but it can make all the difference in the quality of your life and that of your family’s. A career in a field that lets you telecommute can solve many of the problems faced by today’s working single moms. Check out also this post on a job as a life coach. Maybe your next professional direction?