Writing an Effective Resume to Create a Positive Impression

Your resume is the first step that speaks about you and your ability. It contains all the basic information and helps the interviewer to have a certain impression about you even before the interview.

A perfect resume can help in getting a job or get admitted in a renowned college. It gives you the opportunity to speak for yourself.

Your resume contains the outline of your experience, skills, and achievements which helps in framing certain perceptions in the mind of the interviewer so it is necessary to give the appropriate information in a suitable format.

Resumes are written differently depending on the purpose. Generally, resumes are a single page as too much of information is often ignored.

Steps for writing a successful resume

First, it is important to ascertain the purpose of your resume. Are you going for a new job or for a job switch?

Depending on which the format of the resume will vary. If you a college graduate it will be better if you focus more on your educational background than on any sort of experience.

The second consideration is the type of job or post you are applying for. If you’re applying for a higher post the tone of the resume should be firm and serious to build credibility.

State how the company will be benefited by hiring you. Mention the profitable changes that you can make so that the employee can see the future of the company in you.

Don’t give any false information in your resume as most of the questions in the interview are built around them. If there is any sort of doubt in the interviewer’s mind then the chance of getting the job becomes difficult. It is better to avoid lies than having the embarrassment of getting caught. If you’re technically well-rounded, don’t forget to mention that as well.

Use a professional email ID. If you use a funky ID it will create a bad impression. It is better to keep the resume simple and to the point. It should look confident but not overconfident. Using the right font size and font type is important so that it is easily readable.

Add appropriate heads, subheads, keywords, title, and bullets if required. These would help to highlight certain points. Your resume should have the potential to distinguish you from others.

Select the right words and correct information and make your resume speak effectively for you.