Your Own Career Center

Career Center -Turn your Web Traffic into Job Applicants Turn traffic into Contacts- With the our Career Center, you can easily and seamlessly post your own jobs onto your website. Candidates access your Career Center through a career link to search and apply for jobs. They can even send your jobs to their associates through the “Send to a friend” feature.

Custom Look and Feel Customize your Career Center by uploading graphics, modifying colors and/or text. Our Career Center will match the look and feel of your website for a seamless transition between the Career Center and your website.

Automatic Job Postings All jobs created are automatically posted to your corporate Career Center.

Complete Job Management Modify, delete or edit jobs on the fly. Any changes are automatically updated to your Career Center in real time. All filled jobs are automatically removed, keeping your Career Center always up to date.

Pre-Screened Candidates All candidates that apply for jobs through your Career Center are automatically ranked when they answer your pre-screening questionnaire.


  • • Convert website visitors into job applicants.
  • • Custom look and feel matches your website.
  • • Manage job postings from a single interface.
  • • All job applicants are pre-screened by Assessment Central. • No HTML expertise or web consultants required.

Assessment Center Read Fewer Resumes by Pre-screening all Job Applicants When entering jobs into Assessment Central, take a few minutes to create a series of qualifying / pre-screening questions. These few extra minutes will cut hours off your search time. Your pre-screening questionnaire will rank all job applicants based on your custom criteria. You can use your assessment on our job board network or within your own job board postings.

Screen Candidates before Reviewing Their Resumes Save time by using the same questions online for all your candidates. This allows for a quick assessment of each candidate. You might ask such questions as “How many years of experience do you have? What is the largest budget you’ve managed? What is your highest level of education?” Create an unlimited number of screening questions to effectively assess candidates during the application process.

Select Candidate Response Options Don’t limit questions to simple yes or no responses. Select the response type that allows you to gather the most important and appropriate information you need. Candidate questions can take the form of a multiple-choice list, single choice list, Yes/No or free form text. Automatically Pinpoint Qualified Candidates Don’t waste your time reviewing resumes that don’t meet your minimum criteria. VNA-pgh will notify you every time a candidate passes your screening questionnaire.

Qualified candidates are rated anywhere from an A+ to a B-. Create Customized and Reusable Questionnaires Questionnaires can be saved, retrieved and edited for later use with other jobs. Create questionnaires specific to your company and a particular job.


  • • Spend more time working with qualified candidates.
  • • Reduce your time to hire.
  • • Reduce your cost per hire.
  • • Increase your productivity.

Posting Jobs Increase Candidate Volume with our Job Network Posting jobs on job boards can be expensive and the most likely results are hundreds of job applicants that are not qualified for the job. VNA-pgh addresses both the price and volume of unqualified candidates with our job-posting network. You can post on our network of job sites for free and VNA-pgh will pre-screen all job applicants based on a job specific questionnaire. As a result, you will increase applicant volume while reviewing fewer resumes.

Free Job Postings Our job network makes available over 100 niche, regional and national job boards for you.

Fully Automated Postings No need to submit your job to several different sites. Simply create your job and job assessment and it will be automatically posted upon completion. Increased Candidate Volume Increase your job applicant volume without increasing your costs or time spent reviewing resumes.

Screened Results No one enjoys reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates. VNA-pghscreens and ranks all job applicants so that filling a job posting becomes easier for you.

Benefits • Save money on job postings. • Automatic postings to your career center. • Save time through automated job postings. • Attract more job applicants for your job requisition. • All job applicants are pre-screened by Assessment Central.

Free Job Posting VNA-pghallows you to cast a wider net and attract more candidates without dedicating additional labour hours towards reviewing incoming job applicants. After you have created your job assessment, post it on our Job Network for free. This Network consists of over 100 geographic and occupational specific job boards within North America. If you have an existing account, we can also post jobs to any of the premium job sites.